Westerfeld Belgians

                                   Westerfeld Belgians since 1984
Westerfeld Belgians is owned by Shari, Travis, and Joan Westerfeld of Batesville, Indiana. Brian and Joan bought their first Belgian horse around 1984. They started showing them approximately 7 years later. Travis, Shari, Lane, Hattie, and Ellie took over the business in 2013 with the loss of Brian. They attend many big shows like Indiana and Ohio, but they also attend many small shows like Wilmington and Hillsboro. Joan always says that the little shows are the best. Hattie and Lane have started showing in showmanship, driving the cart and them team, and they also participate in decorating. They enjoy showing the horses a lot, but the have always loved driving them the most. Also cousins Emma and Hayden Westerfeld come to the farm as often as possible to just be around and help out with the horses. Mitchell, Alan, and Grace show Herford Beef Cattle and occasionaly come to a show or two. They are a very family oriented farm and their motto is "Reclaiming the past, renewing the future."

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